10255 Assembly Square references 10 years of modulars

The newly announced 10255 Assembly Square is bigger than your standard modular building, in order to celebrate ten years of modular buildings from the LEGO Group. The line kicked off with 10182 Cafe Corner, with at least annual releases of these minifigure scale buildings since. Assembly Square has many easter eggs referencing the sets released during the decade, and LEGO Creator Expert design lead Jamie Berard has shared many of them in the latest designer video.

Here is the full list provided by the LEGO Group:

10182 Café Corner
– Café on corner of plaza w/coffee mug sign
– Yellow and white striped awnings
– Micro version of CC on apartment shelf
– Printed tile to represent CC Box
– Corner door built using turntables
– Cherries in trash
– Green Baseplates

10255_back_0710190 Market Street
– Micro version of MS on apartment shelf
– Bakery is linked to croissant sign from MS

10185 Green Grocer
– Micro version of GG on apartment shelf
– Rooftop BBQ
– Sand Green color of mid-building
– Updated baby pram (now including baby!)


10197 Fire Brigade
– Rooftop door access
– Kitchen in apartment

10211 Grand Emporium
– Detailing around roof above Dance Studio
– Wedding cake to go with wedding outfits in GE Window

10218 Pet Shop
– Parrot in flower shop & Chihuahua
– Sand Blue color of Music/Dance Studios
– Windows for Music/Dance Studios shared with PS

10255_back_1310224 Town Hall
– Tower roof style shared with TH
– Wedding cake for married couple in TH
– Flower shop for married couple in TH

10232 Palace Cinema
– Center of pattern in front of Cafe shared with PC
– Vertical line wall texture from PC is used for interior of Music/Dance studios


10243 Parisian Restaurant
– Black roof of middle building in similar style to PR
– White Croissants in Bakery
– Fold out sofa similar to fold down bed
– Greenery on pergola between café and flower shop

10264 Detective’s Office
– Mirror
– Candy/cookie source is Pastry Shop
– Nougat color of Dentist office


10251 Brick Bank
– Portrait of Bank Manager in photo studio
– Trans-Green and clear glass in Flower Shop

161016 10255refsfeatured


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