13 BrickLink Designer Program projects have been updated

As the BrickLink Designer Program process continues, 13 projects have moved on to the next stage before funding begins, with some showing updated builds. 

13 rejected LEGO Ideas projects have been updated at BrickLink, with the designers moving them from ‘digital modelling’ to ‘test building’. If you’re not familiar with those terms then it means that the models have been rebuilt and revised, with some even showing new renders of what the final product may be. 

There may still be changes to these projects before the next phase of the program fully begins but out of all the updated submissions, only three have showcased their new and improved builds. Here are the three submissions showing the updates so far, with the revised models on the right:

1950s Diner

The 1950s Diner has only received one major change from the outside, with the doors featuring more transparent glasswork than before, but a more subtle change is the evolution of the menu design and addition of curved tiles on the walls. The car itself has also been changed, with a Speed Champions windscreen piece now making up the rear of the vehicle and it featuring a more sleek design overall.

The Clockwork Aquarium

Not too much has changed with The Clockwork Aquarium, with the wood design now more consistent across the front of the build, and the golden lock removed entirely. Inside the aquarium, the fish have been joined by a new finned friend and the diver’s helmet has been changed to that of a knight, possibly because of the piece being retired from production.

The Castle in the Forest

Another set of subtle updates comes to The Castle in the Forest, with the most glaring of them being the presence of minifigures, but they’re looking a little blue. These five minifigures are likely stand-ins for characters still in production, but it does give us an idea of how many medieval minifigures will be included. The structure itself has few differences but notably, the terrain connecting the stairway has been widened and a ramp has been provided

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