The LEGO Batman Movie available to pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray

As The LEGO Batman Movie continues its box office success, retailers are already turning attention to the Blu-ray and DVD release. Although the exact release date is unknown, it is expected to be May or June. has listed the following versions of the film, available to pre-order:



Blu-ray 3D

4K Ultra HD


The Blu-ray 3D edition usually includes the regular 2D Blu-ray as well. 4K Ultra HD is a relatively new format, which requires a special player in order to run the discs that present the content in even higher definition than Blu-ray – with the right equipment.180317tlbmbluray

When pre-ordering from Amazon, should the price drop after the order is made, the customer is charged the cheapest price between the order being placed and the product being released – so as far as getting the best deal goes, it’s a safe bet. It’s just worth watching out for if a ‘special edition’ version of the movie gets announced, as there were a couple of different releases for The LEGO Movie.


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