LEGO Star Wars Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy Review

LEGO® Star Wars has inspired many LEGO fans over the years, for many it’s the theme which bought them back into the world of LEGO. For Vesa Lehtimäki, his love of Star Wars and photography aligned perfectly when combined with the lovable LEGO minifolk. Joining three new fantastic LEGO titles released by DK during October, on November 1st DK Books releases a book filled with Vesa’s impressive LEGO photography brought together for the first time in another brand new book titled LEGO Star Wars – Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy. So here is our review ahead of it’s release next week.

Official description

LEGO® Star WarsSmall Scenes From A Big Galaxy brings LEGO sets and minifigures to life in this beautiful and fun photography book.

Painstakingly created by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki using his son’s favourite toys, this beautiful art book features hilarious new takes on classic Star Wars characters and themes. Breathtaking photography combines quirky LEGO art with the drama of the Star Wars universe, with stunning results. Plus Vesa Lehtimäki shares his secrets in behind-the-scenes insights which will inspire any photographer or LEGO builder.

Every image is a technical tour de force and an evocation of childlike wonder. You’ve never seen Star Wars or LEGO sets look like this before!


The review
The books format is very much like the DK Visual Dictionaries, so hard covered with high quality glossy pages. After an introduction by The LEGO Group and Vesa himself, the book is then split into four main sections – Tatooine, Hoth, Endor and finally a behind the scenes section, which I’m always a fan of. Most pages are annotated quotes and little snippets of information offering fun facts behind the images.


Vesa’s work is incredible and when you read these little facts, it’s quite surprising to see just how much time and effort goes into a single image. With some images taking years to perfect after the original idea to the finished product.


Although the images are presented nicely, there is a little bit of empty space on some pages. I assume this is to bring focus to the photography, but honestly is looks a little too sparse for my liking. It would of made more sense to use the space to offer bigger images. But this is very limited and only happens on a handful of pages and maybe it’s because I’m used to the busier pages of DK Books other titles. Regardless the images are nice and clear, plus the facts attached to them are generally informative.


I’m always a fan of the behind the scenes elements DK include in some of the LEGO titles and thankfully they have chosen to include one in this book. As well as an interesting interview with Vesa, who offers and insightful look behind the process he uses to create his images, there are also a number of behind the scene photos showing just how the images are set up and captured.


The book is a fantastic celebration of Vesa’s work and it’s great to see DK supporting the LEGO fan community in this way. Although many will have seen Vesa’s images online, we’ve featured them on here a number of times, having them collected together in a book is quite nice. It will certainly appeal to older LEGO fans more but will also interest anyone who wishes to capture LEGO images of their own and of course Star Wars fans.

LEGO Star Wars – Big Scenes from a Small Galaxy is available to pre-order now from Amazon UK for £13.59 (RRP £16.99) and is released on November 1st



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