1st look at LEGO Captain America Civil War sets

Good morning, firstly beware the images contain potential film spoilers, so be warned. right with that being said the new sets are due out in March ahead of the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic universe. The images come from Polish site: extraklocki.pl. The images are not high def, expect them soon but they are good enough for us to get a real good look at the sets and what to expect in the upcoming movie.

Stop now for spoilers!

The minifigures in the 3 sets look awesome, we get Captain, Bucky and Black Panther in one set. the Falcon, Black Widow and Crossbones in the next set and in the main set we get Iron Man, another Captain America & Bucky, Scarlett Witch, Agent 13 and the Giant Man the alternative form of Ant Man. Could this film sound any better! Or wait we also see Spiderman in the film. The sets will be popular just for the minifigures alone. What are your thoughts?

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