1st look at LEGO DC Super Heroes Heroes of Justice set

Finally for now the last piece of 2016 news over on Reddit/Neo Ape the box for the LEGO DC Super Heroes set 76046 Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle has been posted. The set shows Batman in a new look Batwing (What the heck?! it looks horrendous) battling bad guy Lex Luther in a rather poor looking helicopter. But as always it’s all about the minifigures and in this set alone we get pretty much the main cast, so Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Loise Lane and Lex Luther. All looking rather excellent I must add.


Hopefully we might now starting seeing some High Res images of more 2016 sets!!! Photo edited by Brickset for better viewing quality



  1. Ronin

    At least it seems that both Superman and Wonder Woman will have molded legs: I was worried when I saw an early image of Wonder Woman that her legs would only have printing on the front and the sides: But I can see on this poor quality picture that she has molded legs, so that is good.

    I agree that the set looks bad, but the figs makes it pennyworth

  2. TheHappyJawa

    What is with these DC Superhero sets with weak builds but fantastic minifigures! I haven’t bought a DC set since the initial wave (with the exception of the Arkham Asylum) because I refuse to be sucked into this trap of buying just for minifigs :/

  3. Ferg

    That is a woeful helicopter; you’d hardly need to be a superhero to knock that out of the sky. I reckon a well aimed pigeon could do it…

    Definitely a weird shape for the Batwing. Usually there’s some ‘bat’ shape/logo aspect to these things. Does the ‘V’ at the front move or rotate do you think?

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