1st look at LEGO Ghostbuster Movie sets

LEGO have just posted on their social media sites images of the upcoming LEGO Ghostbusters sets connected to the upcoming summer blockbuster. Besides images nothing else has been revealed…………yet!

Got to say they look stunning. The Ecto-1 can seat all 4 minifigures and Ecto-2 is a motorbike! The minifigures are highly detailed but don’t just take my word for it…look at the pictures already !!! 😉

“We ain’t afraid of no ghosts!
Your first look at the official images of LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1&2 coming this summer!”




  1. Ferg

    Not a bad set at all. I think I prefer the Ideas Ecto-1, but this is a nice re-imagining. Similar enough to nod to the original whist being something with its own identity.

    Agreed about the bike though – it barely warrants being given a name. 🙂

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