Exclusive 20% discount available on LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith at John Lewis

Get ready for the return of LEGO Castle with an exclusive 20% discount on LEGO Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith at John Lewis.

Before LEGO Castle makes a true comeback later this year, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith is still available to get you in the right mood and get enough armaments ready for your kingdom. With 2,164 pieces and four minifigures, you can currently get 21325 Medieval Blacksmith for 20% off at £103.99 – one of the best prices ever for the model.

21325 Medieval Blacksmith is a complete building in the signature architectural style of medieval times, with intricate woodwork and mossy stone on all four walls. A roof made up of multicoloured shields finishes the structure and each floor can be removed to access the detailed interior. From a bearskin rug in the bedroom to the kitchen and down to the main blacksmith shop featuring a fire that even lights up to immerse you in the experience.

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In case you couldn’t tell, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith is a LEGO castle experience that shouldn’t be missed and includes more than a few callbacks to the classic theme, such as the two Black Falcon knights with a printed shield featuring their emblem.

The online community has conceived several alternate builds for 21325 Medieval Blacksmith and this exclusive 20% discount at John Lewis should make it easier to get multiple copies of the model to help fill out your LEGO kingdom.

Usually, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith would set you back £129.99, but John Lewis‘ sale can net you the build for just £103.99 with free standard delivery.

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