20 new LEGO CITY sets now available

A huge assortment of new LEGO CITY sets are now available to purchase from LEGO.com.

In a refreshing change of pace for the theme, this new wave gives civilian life greater prominence. Citizens of LEGO CITY can celebrate the new year with a range of recreational activities. 60290 Skate Park offers somewhere for the youth of LEGO CITY to hang out, while 60292 Town Center and 60306 Shopping Street provide an array of retail and leisure outlets (provided they aren’t closed due to a LEGO CITY lockdown).

The new wave also includes somewhere for tired LEGO citizens to return home to after a long day of skating and shopping. 60291 Modern Family House is a real highlight of the range, living up to its modern name with nifty features such as an electric vehicle charging point. An early review of the set provides a much closer look.

As is usual with new LEGO CITY waves there are also several sets devoted to the emergency services. You can check out the full range through the links below:

LEGO CITY isn’t the only theme with new January 1 releases. To see what’s new across all LEGO themes, head over to our master list of new releases.

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