2016 LEGO Images uploaded in a PDF

More 2016 LEGO news for this time via an Italian website Pierantoni.it that has uploaded a PDF document to their site with the majority of the first wave of 2016 sets with images. For sets based on upcoming films like Star Wars VII and Captain American: Civil War there are placeholder images but for the rest it is a feast of information. Now given the recent heavy handed approach from LEGO legal this might be removed come office hours tomorrow, so get it, look at it and enjoy.

I have to say the Architecture theme for 2016 looks amazing. The rest just does not get me excited. What have you seen to make you want to spend your cash?

News via Brickset


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  1. TheHappyJawa

    Only Star Wars is really interesting me (which it hasn’t done for several years now thanks to constant re makes) from the looks of this list, and the Brick Bank of course. But hey i’m not complaining I still have a lot of 2015 sets I need to spend my money on!

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