Rare LEGO Star Wars LEGOLAND Hotel key cards up for sale

A rare LEGO Star Wars collectible lot, key cards from the LEGOLAND Billund Hotel, is available on eBay – although at an exceedingly high starting price.

Rebelscum picked up the eBay listing that is selling the key cards that were used in 1999 to promote the new LEGO Star Wars range. As well as the seven pictured, Darth Vader and Han Solo were also available.


While the set currently up for auction has a starting price that is a more than an order of magnitude bigger the last known sale, a lucky bidder could snap this very rare set of Hotel LEGOLAND Star Wars key cards up and brick bank it for a later generation of collectors to enjoy.

It’s another unusual LEGO item that collectors may have been unaware of, from a time when LEGO Star Wars peripheral items were less ubiquitous.


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