Consumers consider LEGO sets suitable for boys and girls

A recent poll suggests that LEGO sets are considered more suited to both genders than other toys.

YouGov conducted research with Asia Pacific consumers, finding that they felt toys to be ‘too gendered’ but that LEGO sets are most suitable for both genders – although still more suitable for boys.

Marketing Interactive shared some of the survey’s findings:

According to a recent YouGov study, of the toys surveyed, only LEGO has been found to be the most suitable for both genders. However, there is still a belief that it is more fitting for boys (79%) compared to girls (55%)

Meanwhile, 45% of the 10,747 Asia Pacific consumers polled believe that children’s toys are too gendered. More than half of the respondents (70%) also believed that it is important for children to play with an array of toys rather than gender specific ones.

The LEGO Group will no doubt be pleased to get a relatively positive headline around the issue of gender neutrality. Since introducing LEGO Friends, the LEGO Group has been held up as an example of toy companies marketing to girls and boys in ways that reinforce outdated gender stereotypes. According to this survey, the company is at least doing better in consumers’ eyes than the toy industry as a whole.


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