LEGO Architecture 4000038 LEGO Campus fetches high prices on aftermarket

Unsurprisingly, the exclusive LEGO Architecture 4000038 LEGO Campus available only to employees is soaring in price on the secondary market.

Earlier this month, the new LEGO Campus in Billund, Denmark opened with a new set available exclusively to employees, meaning even those willing to make the journey to the headquarters won’t be able to get the model.

That leaves your only chance at getting the build the aftermarket. Taking a quick look at eBay, you might not be surprised to see that the set is already fetching extremely high prices.

LEGO 4000038 LEGO Campus Ebay

You might have to spend over £1,000 to grab 4000038 LEGO Campus, but at least you’ll get free postage. Since this Architecture set is exclusive to LEGO employees, it’s not entirely surprising to see that most of the listings are from Denmark.

For those who are desperate to get their hands on the exclusive Architecture model, you might want to either start saving up now, or work on your CV, résumé or portfolio.

Billund is home to other exclusive models too, though most of those are available to everyone visiting the home of LEGO, including another that was only recently revealed.

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