40198 LEGO Ludo Game revealed in brand stores

LEGO games have a habit of popping up unannounced, and 40198 LEGO Ludo Game is no different. With absolutely no fanfare, the latest addition to the likes of 40174 LEGO Chess and 40161 What am I? has been discovered for sale in a brand store.

The €40 set was found in Berlin’s LEGO Store by a Brickset user, and looks like a decent recreation of the classic dice-rolling game – albeit without the dice. Instead, there’s a spinner on a wheel on one side of the board, used to dictate the speed with which players can move their playing pieces – in this case, minifigures – up their colour track.

40198 Ludo

There are 16 minifigures in total, which continues these games’ habit of being a cost-effective source of minifigure parts. No doubt it’ll show up on shop.LEGO.com soon – for now, you can at least grab a chess set to get your LEGO board gaming fix.

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