40563 Tribute to LEGO House isn’t the attraction’s first recreation

It’s the last day to get 40563 Tribute to LEGO House and it’s not just the attraction’s features that the GWP recreates. 

The LEGO House in Billund is split into distinct areas with a variety of giant builds and features, some of which have been depicted in 40563 Tribute to LEGO House. However, all five of the promotional models have been recreated in sets at least once before. 

Not only this does offer multiple points of comparison for the Black Friday and LEGO VIP Weekend 2022 GWP, but you can grab one of these builds in select regions from LEGO.com now, otherwise, they’re exclusive to the LEGO House. 

5 – Wooden Duck 

The Wooden Duck is based on one of the first toys released by the LEGO Group, one that wasn’t made of bricks. More recently, another recreation of the duck was released exclusively at the LEGO House in the form of 40501 The Wooden Duck.  

It’s missing the opening bill due to the size but otherwise, the small model matches the appearance precisely. 

4 – Tree of Creativity 

The Tree of Creativity is located at the centre of the LEGO House and stretches across all floors of the building. It also received an exclusive LEGO set with 4000026 Tree of Creativity after the initial Inside Tour 2017 model depicted it.  

Thanks to the placement of the fire truck, it appears that the GWP build takes some inspiration from both creations. 

3 – Brick Moulding Machine 

At the end of your experience at the LEGO House, you’ll have the chance to grab a set of eight bricks created in front of your eyes at the attraction’s moulding machine. In 2021, 40502 The Brick Moulding Machine depicted the device as an exclusive LEGO House model.  

The GWP is an even smaller depiction of the machine, but you can still recognise its features, even down to the paper bags. 

2 – Dinosaurs 

The three dinosaurs on the upper floor of the LEGO House represent the three brick systems currently in use, including DUPLO, System and Technic.  

These have also had a set that you can currently pick up on LEGO in select regions in the form of 40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs. Neither it nor the GWP build includes DUPLO, but they otherwise mix System and Technic pieces to recreate the dinosaurs, including their display stands. 

1 – LEGO House 

In what is likely the most meta creation of the LEGO House depictions, the colourful LEGO House build is inspired by the exterior design and architecture of the attraction with multiple models recreating it.  

21037 LEGO House is the most widely available and offers a good point of comparison to the GWP build, even using the same shades of bricks in the same places, which may prove useful during assembly. The only major difference is that nameplate is on the opposite side of the building.

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