The top five LEGO combos to use John Lewis promo code on

LEGO fans can now use a John Lewis promo code to score some major discounts, and we’ve highlighted some of the best deals currently available.

John Lewis often has a broad range of LEGO sets available for purchase, including some that are hard to find at retailers. As such, it’s often a great choice for LEGO fans – and a new promo code makes them that little bit more wallet-friendly.

By entering the code LEGOOFFER at checkout on the John Lewis site, you can save some money on LEGO orders. The more you spend on LEGO sets, the more you save: spends of £60 or more will earn you a £10 discount, spends of £150 or more will earn you a £30 discount, and spends of £250 or more will earn you a £60 discount. 

Click here to visit the John Lewis LEGO department and see what’s available.

As such, there’s an opportunity to make some major savings here – particularly if you’ve been holding off on some major LEGO purchases recently. The discount will apply to all LEGO sets currently available at John Lewis, but we’ve identified some set combinations that you might find attractive. 

5 – 71411 The Mighty Bowser and 71403 Adventures with Peach

The LEGO Super Mario line has proven a phenomenal success, with a few unusual sets appearing in recent years. 71411 The Mighty Bowser is one such example, offering a large-scale recreation of the Koopa King with a surprising amount of interactivity. It currently sells for £229.99, but pairing it with a Starter Course set will give you a final price of £284.98 – which in turn lets you qualify for a £60 price reduction, and a final price of £224.98.

In essence, you’re getting a free Starter Course – and we recommend 71403 Adventures with Peach as a companion set. She is traditionally kidnapped by Bowser in the Super Mario video games, and she can even interact with Bowser thanks to the set’s built-in barcode.

4 – 10278 Police Station and a fleet of vehicles

10278 Police Station is a recent addition to the LEGO Modular Buildings Collection, offering a lavishly-appointed building for your modular street. It includes amenities such as desks, an interview room, a holding cell and an evidence locker, as well as two smaller buildings either side.

You can also expand your police force with a variety of vehicles in the LEGO City range. Currently available vehicles at John Lewis include 60312 Police Car, 60243 Police Helicopter Chase, 60315 Police Mobile Command Truck and 60355 Water Police Detective Missions. That combination of sets comes to £268.95 – or £208.95 with the discount.

3 – 21319 Central Perk and 10291 Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft

21319 Central Perk has been one of the more popular releases in the LEGO Ideas range, recreating the coffee shop from beloved sitcom Friends. 10291 Queer Eye – The Fab 5 Loft has proven a little less popular, but it does offer a lavishly appointed apartment for LEGO fans to construct.

These two sets aren’t natural bedfellows, but they should look great on display together – and they’re available together for £159.98. That comfortably qualifies you for the mid-tier discount, bringing the final price to a reasonable £129.98. With 10292 The Friends Apartments retailing for £159.99 on its own, you may find this combo a little more palatable.

2 – 10293 Santa’s Visit and a pair of Advent calendars

10293 Santa’s Visit is part of the Winter Village collection, which offers a range of festive scenes in LEGO form. One of the newer sets in the line, it offers a perfect standalone scene for Christmas. The set includes a cosy cottage with a dining table, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. Santa can even drop in via the chimney – a vital feature for a set of this ilk.

You may want to pair this set with a couple of LEGO Advent calendars – a regular release at this time of year. We recommend 75340 Star Wars Advent Calendar and 76404 Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar: each one comes with LEGO characters wearing Christmas jumpers, as well as accessories like a turkey, a candy cane and plenty of small builds to play with.

With 10293 Santa’s Visit retailing for £89.99 and the Advent calendars costing £29.99 each, you’ll be at £149.97. Throw in 11012 Creative White Bricks (£4.49) for some festive scenery, and you’ll have a final price of £154.46 – which’ll drop to £124.46 once the discount is applied.

1 – 21170 The Pig House and 21181 The Rabbit Ranch

LEGO Minecraft has proven another popular theme, and there’s plenty of smaller LEGO sets to pick from. If you’re looking to start a LEGO Minecraft collection (or expand an existing one) we suggest picking up 21170 The Pig House and 21181 The Rabbit Ranch. This will give you two charming builds, a selection of key characters (including a Creeper and a Zombie) and a total value of £64.98 – which drops to £54.98 with the discount code.

Click here to visit the John Lewis LEGO department and see what’s currently available.

Don’t forget you need to enter the promo LEGOOFFER at checkout for these discounts to apply. If these combos don’t take your fancy, don’t worry: remember that the code will apply to all LEGO sets on John Lewis, provided you’ve put at least £60 worth of LEGO in your basket.

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