60 days for 100 votes on LEGO Ideas

The LEGO Ideas team has updated the platform with changes to how long builders have to achieve their first 100 votes. Other changes are cosmetic, or to improve the website’s functionality such as better filtering capabilities.

So from now on, new projects have 60 days in order to achieve 100 supporters. This is based on the LEGO Ideas team having looked at previous successful projects, and noticed that every one reach 100 supporters within 30 days. This change is aimed at ensuring that quality projects with momentum remain active, and that the site does not become full of projects lacking support.

Once the 100 supporters is achieved, the project than has one year to reach 1,000 votes, half a year to reach 5,000 votes then another half a year to achieve 10,000 supporters and reach the review stage.

Here is the announcement relating to the 100 votes change from the LEGO Ideas blog:

The biggest change is a Guidelines update we’ve applied to all projects starting today.

We’re attempting to balance making LEGO Ideas as open as possible to members with a range of skill levels, with peoples’ desire to browse and support beautifully presented models. We consistently hear from people who want to see more projects they think are “high quality” and fewer they think are “low quality.” We say think, because quality is highly subjective. This feedback persists even when our moderators filter out the majority of submissions for not meeting our Project Quality Standards.

The most successful Ideas projects—those that reach 5,000 and 10,000 supporters—share one thing in common: every one of these projects posted since LEGO Ideas launched in April 2014 reached 100 supporters in their first 30 days. No project that has gone on to reach 5k or 10k supporters has taken longer. It could very well be that the “wisdom of crowds” is the best quality filter of all. We’ve decided to let you tell us which projects are high quality by doing what you do best: supporting your favorite projects.
Starting today, projects will have 60 days to reach their first 100 supporters before receiving time extensions.

New projects will now have 60 days to reach 100 supporters. Once they reach that milestone, they’ll receive a one-year boost. The six-month boosts at 1,000 and 5,000 remain the same.

Existing projects with less than 100 supporters have had their Days Left clock adjusted to 60. We’ve left an Official Comment on the affected projects letting them know.

While in the short term we’re adjusting the Days Left on some projects down, the change grants new projects an additional 60 days beyond the current two years to reach 10,000 supporters.


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