60 years of the LEGO brick theme official revealed

A special theme for 2018 has been revealed in new official images, celebrating 60 years of the LEGO brick and labelled ‘building bigger thinking’.

Five new sets, due for release in January 2018, will celebrate 60 years of the 2×4 brick. The sets are relatively generic boxes of bricks, but with specialised parts that pay homage to the LEGO Group’s history. Brickset reveal official images of the new sets, that are expected to be launched at the beginning of the year, then be retired shortly thereafter. Every set includes a printed brick featuring the 60 years of the LEGO brick logo.

Here are the upcoming sets:

10405 Mission to Mars


This set highlights the loose connection between the product name and content. This LEGO tub is labelled as ‘Mission to Mars’, but the only model clearly connected to such a theme is the space shuttle. The pirate hat on one of the minifigures provides a nod to another fan favourite theme. Although these sets do provide hints back to favourite themes such as Classic Space, the LEGO Group is aiming to use them to emphasise creative building and avoid prescriptive models – so items such as the shuttle are probably intended as inspiration rather than having instructions included.

10401 Rainbow Fun


This colourful set includes some interesting pieces for a basic brick pack, such as the wings shown on the box and a Unikitty tail.

10402 Fun Future


This Fun Future set appropriately features a robot on the box – but also a macaw, again suggesting that the relationship between the name of the set and content is only a loose link.

10403 World Fun


This set has some interesting parts – the map and wheel reference the classic Pirates theme. Beyond that, some of the moulded pieces shown on the box are included in interesting colours – the Bright Yellowish Green treasure chest and Bright Orange fish being two examples.

10404 Ocean’s Bottom

Despite the octopus on the box and the Ocean’s Bottom title, this is clearly recognising the long-running Castle theme’s contribution to the LEGO Group’s history.

This new LEGO theme is expected to launch in January 2018.



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