71101 LEGO Minifigures Series 15 review

Now I’ve got the full set of Series 15 of the LEGO Collectible Minifigure series I thought it would be worth reviewing. I’m lucky that I have Mr.Gold as it means this is the only theme I have a full collection of. Series 15 for me included some of the best minifigures yet and their popularity show no signs of slowing down.

Set description

With 16 all-new characters to collect or trade there is a story in every bag with LEGO® Minifigures Series 15.

LEGO Minifigures Series 15 line-up includes never-seen before characters such as an Animal Control Officer, Jewel Thief, Shark Suit Guy, Ballerina, Astronaut, and Farmer (RRP £2.49).


Every Minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with one or more accessories, display plate and collector’s leaflet. The Minifigures are compatible with all LEGO play sets for endless LEGO adventures!

To find out more about the characters go to LEGO.com/Minifigures.

The Review
So to the review, I am still not a fan of the new price of £2.49 for a blind packet. It was acceptable when it had a license behind it as it kinda justified the price hike but then LEGO kept it at that price which people have had to accept and this is where LEGO wins as they can charge pretty much what they want and people will pay it, see my issue with the new Hoth set.

That is my main issue but the 16 minifigures, I will cover each one and say what I like/dislike;

Farmer, comes with an over sized pitch folk for the hay, brand new dungarees with green shirt printing, this actually flows well from torso to legs, with the bottom of the legshaving brown boots printed on. I really do like the extra printing details that are pushing the boundaries of what you can print with LEGO. He also comes with a straw style hat which I think is a new element? To finish off the farmer we also get a pig with some excellent printed brown patches, including over one eye. I found this excellent.


Astronaut, One of my least fav in the series as space has been done to death both in the City theme, CMF and Space themes. This is a modern day take on the Astronaut, he comes with a printed space suit with a classic oxygen backpack. The printing is on the sides of the legs and arms. He has a white helmet with gold visor and comes with a printed space flag to plant on the moon.


Frightening Knight, This is one of the best knights and we now have a full range of Castle characters, King, Queen, Jester and knights both good and bad. His shield is either a wolf or a bear. His weapon of choice is a malice and has a brand new helmet with green plume and he has spikes on the shoulder pads. For me what makes this minifigure really stand out is the awesome 360′ printing, its outstanding.

frightening knight

Clumsy Guy was one I was looking forward to when the images first appeared and I wasn’t disappointed. Firstly we get new elements in the form of crutches, again correct me if I’m wrong but this is a first for LEGO, although done by 3rd party vendors. He also has a bandage cap which is great if you want to build a real detailed hospital scene. His legs are the new standout part, as 3 parts are just standard dark blue but then his left foot is in a cast and comes complete with scribbles and doodles which is an excellent touch to detail. I’m not a fan of his torso which is a t-shirt with short sleeves and a printed banana on the front. He has a black eye and a plaster on his cheek to finish him off.

clumsy guy

Tribal Woman, this got the internet buzzing as it was our first official LEGO baby, OK it’s just a printed face but it is so darn cute, the pack has a neck connection to allow the baby to be connected to the woman’s back, the woman comes in tradition native american clothing with printing again 360′ with the arms having sleeve details. Her hair piece allows for a feather attachment at the back. For me this minifigure is ok but the baby element is amazing.

tribal woman

Flying Warrior is the golden boy, excuse the pun, he is the first minifigure to come with so much gold, Mr. Gold for the record was metallic gold. He is what I call a filler character and does little to appeal to me. He has a helmet, shoulder pads, wings and spear all in gold. For me the printing detail of his gold skirt is good.

flying warrior

Faun, The first character from the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe, he comes with a brand new leg element which is great for those wanting to create some mythical half animal, half human characters in LEGO, his hair element comes with horns designed in and a print flute element.


Animal Control Officer, Skunk!!!! it is an awesome new addition to an ever growing pool of LEGO animals and helps this minifigure be a stand out one. The female control officer comes with a large net and uniform that has short sleeves but printing on the arms and side of the legs. I actually do like the uniform and could be used for other government roles.

animal control

Janitor, I like the new mop element but think the actual pole is too long. If done to scale it would mean a mop over 6ft! I like that the cap we first saw on the decorator is in a new colour. Again the uniform can be used for all types of roles and great for people like me who are looking for minifigures to expand their city. I have gotten a few to replace the ones that just had the old blue dungarees.


Ballerina, My daughters fav ever minifigure. Complete with new ballerina skirt element, it is a graceful minifigure, the sliver printing on the legs and torso really capture the outfits from the likes of swan lake.


Laser Mech, the worse minifigure of the set, not a fan of these mech’s and didn’t like the previous version. So giving us a very similar one with black and blue colour scheme, does little to change that view point, moving on……

laser mech

Kendo Fighter, another minifigure I wasn’t a big fan of, we have seen plenty of different martial arts in the CMF range and while the helmet and wooden blades are good, for me there were a lot better minifigures in this series.

kendo fighter

Shark Suit Guy, Awesome I do love the suit minifigures and complete with fins as arms this has to be one of the best ones ever, you want him to be advertising a fish market or a sea world show.

shark suit guy 0

Wrestling Champion. This is one of my favourites as a former wrestler and fan of pro wrestling I’ve been waiting for LEGO to do one. I would have preferred a belt element instead of one printed and it’s very rare you get a trophy in wrestling so the element was kinda pointless. However it’s all about the minifigure who looks similar to one my all time favs the Ultimate warrior just with no trademarked face paint, the 80’s mullet is a real winner

wrestler champignon

Jewel Thief, when the Brick Bank modular was revealed this was the minifigure I wanted as she could rob the bank and then the one in the set could play a normal customer, the outfit very much reminds me of Black Widow from Marvel, if you look closely you can see printed black knee pads on the black legs, the black on black printed is best I’ve seen.

jewel thief

Queen, the collection is finished with the Queen complete with brand new element for her dress bottom half, like the king she gets two fabric elements for her cape along with a crown that clips into her hair. Her hair is very detailed and it’s always good to get more hair elements to expand the look of the females. The printing on the front is highly detailed and I think all Castle fans rejoiced with this new Queen.


So my overall thoughts are its a damn good series I think we only got 4 weak minifigures, the rest were high quality. My top 4 were the farmer, Animal Control Officer, shark suit guy and the wrestler. Each time you wonder what LEGO can come up with next and yet they continue to really impress me. I love new elements that can be used in my own creations and series 15 is packed with them.

Stay tuned as we will be running a CMF themed building contest real soon!

Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the LEGO ARP team for providing us with sets to review.


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  • 03/03/2016 at 22:28

    I thought the Jewel Thief could easily pass for a Dark Knight Rises Catwoman. I liked this set with the huge variety on offer.

    And I’m still jealous that you got Mr Gold….


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