71246 LEGO Dimensions: Adventure Time Team Pack Review

Earlier this week we reviewed the

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Dimensions Adventure Time Level Pack – now it’s time to check out the Team Pack, which fans will need if they wish to get Jake the Dog and Lumpy Space Princess.

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When the

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Ideas set for Adventure Time was announced, I held my breath and hoped that it would mean the possibility of a Dimensions pack somewhere down the line. What I didn’t anticipate was that it would be with us relatively quickly, or that the line would comprise a Level and a Team pack – with a Marceline the Vampire Queen Fun Pack due out early next year. The Team Pack gives us a Jake minifigure, a Lumpy Space Princess minifigure, an oversized B-MO brick built figure, and a Lumpy car.

Jake the Dog and Lumpy Space Princess


Any disappointment I had in learning that the designers didn’t go with a full moulded figure for Jake was quelled by his on-screen portrayal – the character leaps, morphs and stretches all over the place just like the animated character. In addition to that, all characters can inhabit Jake when he’s in his Jake Suit form, and he tops the card for ‘number of useful skills held by a LEGO Dimensions character’. Joe DiMaggio has recorded new dialogue for the game as well as humourous interactions with other characters.

Lumpy Space Princess makes an appearance too, appropriately given the appearance of floating with the use of a 1×2 trans-clear brick. She comes with a mobile phone and her abilities include Rainbow Brick Blow-up – a rare skill only previously held by Unikitty. Again, she has a reasonable amount of authentic dialogue recorded for the game (voiced by Adventure Time creator, Pendleton Ward) with scripted interactions with other characters.

Lump Car and B-MO



As the post-apocalyptic world of Ooo isn’t known for its many vehicles, the Team Pack makes use of one of my favourite characters in an interesting way. The B-MO build uses sausage elements in sand blue for arms and a couple of the new 1×2 modified plates with bars to angle the legs of the character. The printed elements of the build are great, though it would have been nice to have a minifig-scaled version as well.

Lumpy Space Princess’ Lumpy Car, seen in only a couple of episodes, surprised me by being quite a clever build and making nice use of pieces. It controls as well as any of the other LEGO Dimensions vehicles do, and has the Jump ability. As with all physical builds in LEGO Dimensions, both B-MO and the Lumpy Car can be rebuilt into two additional models with different abilities.


20161102_205204_0Adventure World:

If you don’t have the Adventure Time Level Pack, you still gain access to Ooo with the Team Pack which unlocks the new Adventure World accessible from the new Shard area. Rather than being a typical LEGO game style, an animated aesthetic has been imposed over the top of it – so bricks and elements are recognisable, but they have a nice cartoon style.

Exploring the Adventure World means bumping into a number of familiar places and locations, which will delight fans of the TV series especially as the style of wacky humour is perfectly translated to the game.



The Level Pack is of course the must-buy, but anyone who is an Adventure Time fan will also want to own the characters in this Team Pack – both for the nice, physical minifigures and the fun in-game characters. If you’ve never seen the show, this acts as a great introduction as to what you can expect with regards to the characters and stories.

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