71247 LEGO Dimensions: Harry Potter Team Pack Review

If there hasn’t been enough of a mix for you in LEGO Dimensions so far, then perhaps the Year Two launch has solved your problem. But which to buy, and which to skip? The first of our LEGO Dimensions Year Two reviews looks at the Harry Potter Team Pack.

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If you’re one of the few people that didn’t manage to bag any LEGO Harry Potter during the decade those sets were out then you’re in luck. The 6th wave of Dimensions sets have just been released and among them is a highly anticipated team pack featuring the boy wizard and his evil nemesis Lord Voldemort.



Strangely, for a Team Pack, we’re given two minifigs that want to destroy each other in the books/films – rather an odd choice as a ‘team’. Nonetheless, they both have new abilities making them well worth the purchase. They come on the new trans-yellow toy tags indicating they’re from Year 2 – Harry’s with the Gryffindor colour scheme and scar, whilst Voldemort’s features a snake design in black and green.

In-game the characters don’t say much, save a few lines of authentic voiceover from both Harry and Lord Voldemort, though after a while you start to notice the repetition. Both of them can fly (Harry on his broom, Voldemort with a cool death eater smoke trail) as well as being able to use magic for opening Parseltongue portals and moving objects à la Wingardium Leviosa.



As in most team packs we get two builds, which in this case are fairly iconic if you’re familiar with Harry Potter. The first is the blue flying Ford Anglia and though a small, slightly squashed up micro-build, manages to capture the shape relatively well.

The other is the Hogwarts Express which doesn’t quite pack the visual punch of previous waves’ models, but is certainly recognisable as the iconic steam train, so in that respect the designer has achieved their objective. As with all physical builds in Dimensions these can be rebuilt into two more models and upgraded in-game allowing for more unique abilities, faster speeds, etc.

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Adventure world:

With the extremely successful Harry Potter Years 1-7 games already available there was no need to create a level pack for this intellectual property (IP). However, another reason for wanting to get this team pack is the ability to unlock a brand new Adventure World with even more gold bricks up for the taking. These worlds can’t be anywhere near as detailed as their big sister counterparts in the previously released TT Games offering, but it’s still a stunning location to explore and rediscover. I especially enjoyed the snow-covered landscapes and, although it’s permanently set at night-time, it has a very enjoyable atmosphere that made me almost wish for a ‘LEGO Winter Village Dimensions world’.


Whilst it wouldn’t be easily possible to include every single location for the franchise, the more popular ones are available including Hogwarts Castle. They look fantastic though I must admit I was still a bit disappointed I couldn’t do much exploring inside these locations. That said, if that’s what you’re after then I recommend getting the original games.


In addition to Adventure Worlds, which have been a draw since Dimensions first hit shelves last year, the developers have added a new play area called Battle Arenas. Here you have a choice of mini games including Capture The Flag, Base Bash!, Objective, and Tick, Tag, Boom! These are a great distraction from the normal gameplay and mean you can involve up to four players as opposed to the usual two – great for families at Christmas.



Simply put, this pack is a must-buy. While the physical minifigures are nothing new to shout about, their in-game counterparts are such a joy to use with a myriad of abilities (including some exclusive to these figures) that they’ll be certain to become regulars on your Dimensions toy pad for a good while.

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