71251 LEGO Dimensions: The A-Team Fun Pack Review

Continuing with our latest Dimensions pack reviews, next up is an eighties property that came somewhat out of left field. So how does B.A. Baracus fit into the multiverse?

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I wasn’t born at the time the A-Team was first broadcast in the early 1980s, but these days I’m well aware of the impact the TV show had on an entire generation of kids and adults alike. It’s perhaps not so surprising then that the LEGO Group decided to create a B.A.Baracus Fun Pack and ride the wave of retro cool. With this being the first of many more to come – Gremlins, E.T, Knight Rider, Beetlejuice – Brick Fanatics takes a look at what could make this worth adding to the collection.



I was pleasantly surprised at just how cool a B.A. Baracus (aka Mr T) minifigure could be. He’s wearing blue dungarees and a red top with his iconic gold medallion around his neck. The head piece has a teeth-clenching expression which works well and a new hair piece to capture the African Mandinka hairstyle he was so famous for.


In-game B.A. Baracus is even better than I originally anticipated. If you’re a huge A-Team fan you’re probably disappointed there aren’t more minifigures for the rest of the gang – however he has the ability to change into any of the four main protagonists for you to play as. Other more useful abilities include super strength, mechanical repairs, TNT ammo that destroys silver, laser deflector and A-Team Master Building. This is identical in concept to Wyldstyle’s Master Builder ability, though only works on specific ‘A-Team’ Master Builds. It even gives him his own little montage which I rather enjoyed – how 1980s. It should be noted that the voiceover used for the character sounds nothing like Mr T to me.



Also included is B.A. Baracus’ van and, whilst very straightforward to build, the finished model looks excellent – vastly improved by including two printed 2×4 tiles to give it a more streamlined finish. It’s a brilliant representation of the source material, right down to the red tyres and I imagine some fans of the show picking this pack up just for the build.


Adventure World:

We are given the opportunity to explore downtown Los Angeles for the A-Team Adventure World and it just looks great. I was reminded of LEGO City Undercover stylistically (which is still one of the best LEGO games ever made), with multiple locations to explore including a prison, an airport and an old mining area. Again, you can expect to find the usual array of mini-quests and gold bricks for the taking, providing players with hours of seemingly endless fun.



This fun pack is fantastic. It’s a great price point for a unique minifigure and mini-build vehicle from a much-loved TV show. It provides players with many useful in-game abilities and an amazing 1980s interpretation of downtown LA, another must have for LEGO Dimensions and/or A-Team fanatics.

This product was supplied to Brick Fanatics for review by WB Games. 71251 A-Team Fun Pack is available now from shop.LEGO.com. You can help support Brick Fanatics’ work by using our affiliate links


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