75105 UCS Alderaan revealed

Just when we are getting over the shock of the Assault on Hoth UCS set, we have the first image of the next UCS set, which will be Alderaan and priced at £279.99 and will be released on the 1st of April.

Here is the press release:

Ages 12+. 3,175 pieces.
UK £279.99 – DK 2199.00 DKK

Play out action-packed destruction of Alderaan like never before

This fantastic LEGO® recreation of the destroyed peaceful planet of Alderaan can be yours to own. The set comes with instructions to build the planet and also allows you to use your Death Star to show the rebel scum who has the ultimate power.

This amazing model has so many more features, including explosion capabilities and so many reddish brown elements to represent the destroyed planet. Prepare for ultimate LEGO Star Wars action!

Considered a “Shining Star” of the Core Worlds. Wild grasslands and old mountain ranges dominated the planet’s surface. Ice-rimmed polar seas were the only large bodies of water, though thousands of freshwater and saltwater lakes provided habitats for a large variety of flora and fauna. Alderaan was also the home-world of some of the galaxy’s most famous animals, such as the nerf and the Thranta. Cities on Alderaan were often built with great care taken to protect nature. One city was built on the walls of a canyon, nearly invisible from above. Other cities were built on stilts along the shoreline or under the polar ice. The capital town of Aldera, known for its university, was built on a small island in the center of a caldera.

  • Includes millions of casualties as the result of the destroyed planet
  • Features the latest ever box of reddish brown bricks ever released by LEGO
  • This 2 in 1 set allows you to build Alderaan and then as an asteroid belt called The Graveyard after its destruction by the Death Star.

As you can see this is just a spoof but shows you have lame the UCS label has gotten. A massive thanks to @starwarsphtshp on Twitter for the image


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    Many thanks for the mention. Really funny article. ?


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