75192 Millennium Falcon back in stock at LEGO.com

The largest ever LEGO set, 75192 Millennium Falcon, is back in stock at the UK version of LEGO.com after a brief hiatus.

The mammoth LEGO Star Wars creation had dropped out of availability temporarily over the weekend, but is once more in stock, albeit only on back order status.

Coming in at 7,541 pieces, 75192 Millennium Falcon is the definitive version of the fastest hunk of junk from the Star Wars galaxy and is – currently – the largest ever LEGO set released.

Released back in September 2017, it has flown in and out of stock ever since and is widely considered one of the greatest ever LEGO sets released. There’s a reason it tops our Top 20 LEGO Sets List, the collection of the best LEGO sets currently available to purchase at LEGO.com.

How long 75192 Millennium Falcon remains available to purchase from the LEGO Group is uncertain. It hasn’t appeared on any of the most recent lists of sets rumoured for retirement in 2020, but, it’s position on such a list that came out in 2019 that slated it for retirement at the end of this calendar year remains ominous…

You can also keep track of any LEGO set’s stock status by receiving stock alerts from Brick Fanatics. As soon as something comes back into stock, we’ll drop you a quick email.

What can we say? Pick it up whilst you still can. Save up for it whilst you still can. And purchase it through our affiliate links to support the work that we do too.

Rob Paton

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