LEGO Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon: what do we know?

With certainty growing around what is expected to be the LEGO Group’s most expensive ever release, what information do fans currently have about 75192 Millennium Falcon?

The classic Star Wars vehicle, 75194 Snowspeeder, received the UCS (Ultimate Collector Series) treatment for the second time earlier this year. Even before that set arrived on shelves, speculation was running rampant online after rumours emerged of the UCS update that many fans has been waiting a decade for – 75192 Millennium Falcon. As the expected release date approaches, Brick Fanatics summarises the information that is currently available, which should still be treated with caution until the set is officially announced.

What is the set number?

It is rumoured to be 75192.

Will this be an Ultimate Collector Series set?

Yes, to the extent that UCS means anything anymore – it is just a label after all, having encompassed a few different large sets over the years. The set will be a highly detailed, adult targeted model much like 10179 Millennium Falcon.

What will the price be?

Rumours state $800 and €700. Given the way that prices have increased since 2007, and especially if this updated version packs in additional detail, then this seems a realistic figure.

Which film will this be based on?

Conflicting reports have emerged here, but the consensus seems to be that it will cover both the classic and sequel trilogies. So both the traditional radar dish and the rectangular dish will be included, with fans able to choose which they wish to display it with.

Additionally, sequel trilogy characters – at the very least Rey and BB-8 – will be included, so there are two crews to populate the ship. Whether the classic trilogy characters will be based on A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back is where the differing reports come into play, but the most reliable information suggests A New Hope characters.


This is not 75192 Millennium Falcon, but a mini version you can build using just a few parts.

What will distinguish this from 10179 Millennium Falcon?

Rumours abound, but sometimes it is difficult to tell where rumoured information ends and idle speculation begins. Chatter suggests that there might be light up features, maybe interior sections, maybe both.

How much bigger will the box be than that for 10258 London Bus?

4.86 times bigger.

How much bigger will the instruction manual be than that for 10257 Carousel?

2.56 times bigger.

When will the set be officialy announced?

Indications are that the set will be announced on September 1. The recent teaser images indicate this as it suggests a month of hints leading up to the big reveal, that will coincide with the Star Wars: The Last Jedi product launch.

When will the set be released?

The LEGO Group has given as little as a month’s notice when announcing D2C sets in the recent past, so October could still be possible. Whether that allows time for an early VIP launch period is questionable. If this set is announced on September 1 for an October release, then the LEGO Group has done an impressive job of keeping set images under wraps.

Will this affect the value of my 10179 Millennium Falcon?

Re-issues of popular sets usually have an impact on the secondary market price. If someone is looking for a loose UCS Millennium Falcon, chances are they will buy the new version for $800 instead of paying several thousand for an old version, causing that price to drop somewhat. That said, unopened boxed samples of 10179 Millennium Falcon are so uncommon that those copies might retain their value.


The information in this feature is based on rumours relating to 75192 Millennium Falcon:

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