75908: 458 Italia GT2 review

With the release of the 2016 Sets for the Speed Champions range, I am slightly more hopeful that there will be some good licensed models will be coming my way (I await the F-150 Raptor!) but for the 2015 releases, they have been a bit of a mixed bag.

I think that the P1 is a shocker, and the 918 does not really cut the mustard. Add to that the LaFerrari. So why on earth would I look to add a 458 Italia GT2 to the stable? Who knows, but I thought I would take the punt.

Official description
Speed to glory with the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2!

Rev up for glory with the LEGO® Speed Champions version of the super-fast 458 Italia GT2! This race-ready, buildable vehicle boasts all the real-life details of Ferrari’s streamlined racing car. Attach the cool, unique wheel trims and place the driver at the steering wheel. Compete against your friends in LEGO® Speed Champions races for the silver trophy! Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories.

  • Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories
  • Features a removable windscreen, driver’s cockpit, removable wheels, unique wheel trims and authentic Ferrari details
  • Driver’s racing suit features Ferrari decoration
  • Accessories include a helmet, wrench and silver-colored trophy
  • Check the wheels with the wrench
  • Remove the windscreen to place the minifigure in the cockpit
  • Race against your friendsLEGO® Speed Champions cars to win the trophy!
  • Measures over 1” (4cm) high, 5”(14cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide

The review
As keeping in line with Speed Champions branding we have a large picture of the car on the front of the box with a prominent Fezza logo in the bottom right had corner. The rear fo the box shows the car from different angles as well as a wee picture of the real one.

What is interesting to note is that there is an official Ferrari licensing sticker on the box, which means that this is fully sanctioned by Maranello. Something that Mattel struggled with and hence lost their license, so well done LEGO on that respect.

I did find it surprising that the LEGO instructions were spread over two booklets, when one would have sufficed without issue. Of course there is a sheet of stickers which you can apply if you are really keen to give it the authentic look.

I also like the minifigure, Ferrari race suit and black driving gloves make this a smart chap to have. I do wonder how many folk actually just get these sets for them alone.


Parts wise, there are lots of slopes and flat elements which make up the body of the car. The most unique part is the windscreen which is unique as it has a applied Ferrari embossment on it as standard, so there is no need for sticking. The parts for the model comes in two bags.

The build is a very quick one. I managed to have it all done in about 15 minutes, so this is not complicated at all. So you are not going to get stumped with challenging techniques and such, so even the Younglings will be able to have a satisfied build. On completion, I think it is a very handsome car, and dare I say that it does look even better than the real thing! I captures the Prancing Horse Spirit well and that is difficult for a 6-stud wide car and is probably the best single standing of the lot for the 2015 castings.

What I think is very good about this model is that you can immediately see is that this can easily be converted to the road version. Substitute all the wihite parts for red ones and job done. In fact you could change the entire body  to a different colour with the right parts.



By adding a 1×2 plate under the rear axle, it gives the car a little more for a stance. Removing the rear 2×2 glass blocks and taking the windscreen back a stud-line means that the car has a more rakish look. Change out the wheels for something else – you have a different take on the car. So a good bit of modding can be done here.

Are there any flaws? Well, I am not one for stickers on such models as it really does limit what you can do with the bricks. And why are the looking at race versions over road? That is annoying a tad as one is most likely see a 458 on the road rather than the racetrack. But that is about it. Gripes that would not annoy the little person, but for a petrol head, I can just about sleep.


I don’t have many Ferrari’s in my diecast collection – it is somewhat dominated by Skyline’s (R30 to R35) and a lot of 70s Britastica but I have to say, if the display cabinet was not full of 1/64, this might make it in there. LEGO are doing their best with the 6-stud limitation with mixed success and this is a damn good effort. I really like it, possibly even more than the 911GT set.

I am going to call it a day with this series for 2015. The rest of the GT models are just not good enough for my standards and miss the mark by a very long shot. The one exception is the IVECO Stralis Ferrari Transporter, but I need to see a good deal on that one, not essential, but a nice to have.


I am looking forward to 2016 and what that will bring, but for this year 2 Pugs and a Fezza will do me nicely, if you would like to own it you can buy it from LEGO or Amazon UK


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  • 16/09/2015 at 09:28

    These theme just does not do it for me, I much mprefer the large scale builds and even for me there are way too many stickers!!


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