76059: Spider-Man: Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap Review

June has seen the release of probably the best wave of Super Hero sets yet. We here at Brick Fanatics have been sent three of the new sets to review. Now let’s be clear, I’m not usually a fan of the Super Hero sets, while I’m a massive fan of the minifigures, the sets have been poor in the past. So for me to actually keep a set built it has to be something pretty decent.

The first set I want to review is the mid-range one from the new Spider-Man range, this comes with 5 minifigures: Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Vulture, White Tiger, Captain Stacy and retails at £44.99. This works out it costs you 10.1p per piece for this set.

Set description

Rescue White Tiger from the Octo-Bot’s slippery tentacles!

Doc Ock is wading through the water in his weaponized Octo-Bot and has taken White Tiger prisoner in one of the tentacles! Steer Captain Stacy’s speedboat with Spider-Man surfing in on his web surfboard tow and rescue her! Watch out for Vulture nosediving through the air and fend off his attacking claws, and make waves with a heroic rescue.

  • Includes 5 minifigures: Spider-Man, Doc Ock, Vulture, White Tiger and Captain Stacy.
  • Features Doc Ock’s Octo-Bot and a police speedboat.
  • Octo-Bot features dual 6-shooting rapid shooters, rotating torso, posable legs, and posable and detachable tentacles that attach to the back of Doc Ock.
  • Police speedboat has a stud shooter and attachment point for the web rope to attach Spider-Man’s surfboard.
  • Accessory elements include White Tiger’s power element, and Spider-Man’s surfboard, webblast and web rope.
  • This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 7-14.
  • Also includes a comic book!
  • Doc Ock’s Octo-Bot measures over 7” (19cm) high, 10” (27cm) wide and 5” (13cm) deep.
  • Police speedboat measures over 1” (5cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide.


The box is a medium sized box (dimensions 38.2 x 26.2 x 5.6 cm) and weighs 0.65Kg. The cover has the entire set in a scene, with the back having another scene and at the bottom a comic book style strip with different play features in them. The set also includes a comic book, this is the same in all 3 Spider-Man sets and covers all three new sets in the comic story. It’s worth mentioning LEGO have done away with those stupid super jumper elements that was loathed by so many last year.


The instructions are 70 pages long with 1 page at the back given over to set functions, 1 for the parts list, 1 for the other sets in the theme and one for LEGO.com. There is also a back cover advert for the Marvel Avengers video game.

The minifigures are as follows; Spider-Man – now this version has been around since 2012 and appeared in over 10 sets now. I’m very much looking forward to an alternative version soon! Doc Ock – is a new version this year, he comes with a double head print a neck element with a Technic connector, allowing him to have his robotic arms. His torso is printed both front and back. His yellow belt is printed very well. He has yellow gloves and his legs are two tone with green top and yellow boots. Vulture – is new this year, he has a single sided printed face, his wings are the Falcons but in green, again he is another minifigure with printed torso both front and back. I like how his feathers are printing at the top, his legs though are standard green. Next up is White Tiger – again this minifigure is new to this set . The minifigue comes with the same head element as Black Panther with ears at the back and allowing for a black hair element in the top, the minifigure is white with printing on the head and torso front and back. The printing is good and is based on Ava Ayala version of the super hero. Finally we finish the minifigures with Captain Stacy – this is the weakest minifigure in the set, for me he is too much like Doc Brown from the BTTF sets, his hair and face is Doc Browns, he then has a standard City police torso and black legs. He could and should have been better or LEGO should have just done a generic character instead of giving him a name.

The build is broken down into three parts, each with the their own corresponding bags, to get started we first assemble Spider-Man with his new web element, Captain Stacy and attach the stickers to the surfboard.  We then spend 20 steps assembling the police boat, this is a simple and straight forward build and for me I will take it apart and use elements for other builds.


After that we complete bag one by building the main body element of Doc Ocks mech. This is done over 30 stages and I have to admit it was an interesting build, with the rear using Technic elements that will allow you to control the arms either side, this made it interesting seeing it all come together. Bag 2 starts with assembling the Vulture and White Tiger, before continuing with the mech build, we add the controller elements for the arms before we build the rapid fire flick barrels that are on the shoulder. I seriously love this play feature. It’s the first set I’ve owned that comes with the rapid fire barrels but boy I want to get more, I have some awesome Warhammer 40k ideas now!


Once the barrels are done we complete bag two with turntable mechanism for the 4 legs and we also add more to the arm sections. The 3rd and final bag starts with Doc Ock before we build 4 legs. Now some people like to build one leg at once but I prefer assembling them all at once, this takes 10 steps. Then we have to build the four robotic tentacles, again I assembled all 4 simultaneously. The mech is then complete, we do build the back element that allows you to detach the tentacles from the mech and attach to the back of Doc Ock.


I have to say I have to eat humble pie, its a fab set. The minifigures on a whole are great, if you have one Spider-man you have them all which is a shame as there are so many variations they could do. Captain Stacy was a big let down. The other 3 are ace. The build after you get past the police boat is fun and I actually enjoyed building the mech. The play features make this set really standout.


This set can be picked up from all major retailers now.

Disclaimer: All our reviews are our own personal views, thanks to the Norton & Co for providing us with sets to review.


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