LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol divides early reviews

LEGO Indiana Jones is back in 2023 with 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol as the flagship set – though it’s divided opinion in early reviews.

Available from April 1, 2023, alongside two other LEGO Indiana Jones models, 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol introduces a level of functionality not seen in any other diorama builds. However, early reviews of the set call into question its high price, a major difference compared to every other diorama, while praising its functionality.

With days left until launch, here’s what early reviews thought about 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol. The set releases on April 1, 2023, for £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99.

— Set details —

ThemeLEGO Indiana Jones Set name77015 Temple of the Golden Idol Release: April 1, 2023

Price: £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99 Pieces: 1,545 Minifigures: 4

LEGO: April 1, 2023

It’s got form and function, but the boulder is the best

77015 Temple of the Golden Idol isn’t your traditional LEGO diorama model. It integrates several functions into the build to recreate moments from Raiders of Lost Ark. The early reviews praise the functionality and how they combine with the detailed model.

“The set offers a level of interactivity which seems anecdotal compared to the purpose of the product but which ultimately proves necessary to have the impression of enjoying it more after having assembled it,” notes Hoth Bricks.

“It’s LEGO in the truest sense of the word. All functions are available here at your fingertips. The counterpart to this well-done integration of the different mechanisms – the back of the diorama is lined with Technic beams.”

As long as you focus on the front of 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, the LEGO Indiana Jones set appears to impress in both form and functionality, especially when compared to 7623 Temple Escape.

RacingBrick highlighted the rolling boulder function in 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol compared to the 15-year-old set, stating, “I think this is a good compromise for the diorama setup.”

“There is a ton of resistance on this knob though,” Bricksie counters in their review moments before breaking a piece off due to the force required to turn it.

Despite this, the early reviews appear to agree that the boulder is one of the best features in 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, recreating the iconic moment masterfully.

The quotes are disappointing

As divided as the reviews are in some aspects, most agree that 77015 Temple of the Golden Idols falls flat to other dioramas in one area. Unlike every other LEGO diorama, the quote and movie logo in the Indiana Jones build are stickers instead of printed.

“These tiles have been printed in all previous diorama sets – I see no reason why they needed to be changed here,” said RacingBrick. “I’m not part of the anti-sticker squad but I think that these two stickers are unnecessary and will surely annoy a lot of people.”

Hoth bricks agreed, writing: “These different stickers really contribute to the finish of the diorama but the LEGO Group could have at least made the effort to stamp the black pieces which present, next to the logo of the film, a few lines of dialogue without much interest and in English only.”

There are 14 stickers in 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol, though the circular and rectangular tiles on the base of the diorama are at least printed.

It’s a divisive diorama

Despite its bent shape, 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol is the latest LEGO diorama and while there are a few differences, including the functionality and stickered quotes, at least one reviewer was pleased with the new set compared to past entries in the collection.

“As a LEGO diorama set, this is top-tier stuff, this will blow away any LEGO fan in terms of how you build it and the techniques utilised,” shared Solid Brix Studios.

RacingBrick compares it to 76956 T. rex Breakout and finds 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol to be too expensive in terms of volume. However, they admit that it’s more functional than the Jurassic Park scene recreation.

Solid Brix Studios placed the set next to 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama and the Indiana Jones model is undoubtedly bigger. However, its volume isn’t all that much larger than the Jurassic Park set in comparison. 76956 T. rex Breakout is £89.99 / $99.99 / €99.99 with 1,212 pieces and 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol is £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99 for 1,545 pieces.

It’s not the best price

LEGO Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol brothers brick 1
Image: The Brothers Brick

For £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99, early reviews have found 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol to be expensive, even with its many functions.

“I would recommend the set to anyone who is a fan of the franchise, although the price is a bit stiff considering so many of the parts are hidden away in the bases to enable the play features,” commented The Brothers Brick.

With 1,545 pieces, 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol only includes four minifigures and some reviews noted that one more would have been appreciated, or a few to expand the Hovitos tribe beyond a single warrior.

“You’re getting plenty of value, especially given the functionality and overall accuracy and detail – on top of the fact that you’re getting all these great new minifigures,” Solid Brix Studios stated, disagreeing initially while later admitting that another minifigure would have been welcome.

— Summary —

77015 Temple of the Golden Idol is overall divisive in its early reviews, though the functionality and especially the boulder stand out as a highlight of the set for many reviewers. Unfortunately, the stickered quotes and price aren’t quite as impressive. 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol is available from April 1, 2023, for £129.99 / $149.99 / €149.99.

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