80107 Spring Lantern Festival is back at LEGO.com in the UK

This year’s flagship Chinese Traditional Festival set 80107 Spring Lantern Festival has finally returned to the official online store, but you’ll probably need to act fast if you want it.

The 1,793-piece realisation of a traditional Asian garden – complete with a pavilion, moon gates, a pond and a light-up ox lantern – has been ‘temporarily out of stock’ at LEGO.com pretty much since it launched on January 1.

That’s still the case in the US, unfortunately, but UK fans can now finally order what already looks to be one of the highlights of 2021. Check out our review for a closer look at why we love this incredible ode to Chinese New Year so much, then head to LEGO.com to grab yours.

80107 Spring Lantern Festival 2

Doing so will set you back £89.99, but believe us when we say it’s very much worth it. Plus, buying it right now will bag you a free LEGO DOTS polybag, 30556 Mini Frame, which is currently available with all orders above £35. You’ll also net free standard delivery, along with 720 VIP points if you’re signed up to the LEGO Group’s loyalty program.

Of course, you could wait four more days for 40450 Amelia Earhart Tribute to go live on the online store, but you’re then risking 80107 Spring Lantern Festival selling out again. It’s a tricky game to play at the moment, as the LEGO Group struggles to meet demand for its most popular sets.

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