A LEGO mod for an IKEA stool can keep instructions open

Maarqa, a Portuguese studio, has come up with a LEGO inspired solution for a stool that could help brick fanatics.

When Portuguese studio Micro Atelier de Arquitectura e Arte (Maarqa) came up with a solution for students to working on their thesis, the team used LEGO bricks with an IKEA stool. What they did not likely realise is how useful the solution is to LEGO fans, too.

So that students working on their PhD these could organise their workspace effectively, the team at Maarqa embedded LEGO plated into the stool, so that then bricks can be built on top so that a book can be held open. This allows students to have the book open while typing on a laptop – or allows LEGO fans to have the instructions held open while clipping pieces together.

“It was very common to have a small stool near the laptop where the book in use was placed,” the team told Design Boom. “However, sometimes it was very difficult to keep the book open while trying to type on the computer.”

All that is needed are a few basic bricks and the willingness to glue a few plates to the stool, to use a LEGO brick solution for a LEGO brick problem.


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