All four Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Bricktober minifigure sets revealed

The four sets of LEGO minifigures that will part of the Toys R Us Bricktober promotion have been revealed, themed around NINJAGO, City, The LEGO Batman Movie and the regular LEGO brand.

Images shared by Brickset show that for the first time, the four Toys R Us exclusive packs will be themed – each contains four minifigures. Typically these are free with purchase, but it seems that in German Toys R Us stores they will be sold for €14.99 during September.


Each of the four packs comprises of four minifigures:

The LEGO Batman Movie (previously known) contains Tuxedo dress-up party suit Batman, Easter Batman, Wizbat and Baturion

NINJAGO contains Nindroid, Neuro, Krux and Golden Techno Kai

City contains four Jungle Explorers minifigures

The classic set contains four Collectible MInifigures with alternate deco – Boxer, Hippie, Cheerleader and Sailor

The sets are expected to be available at Toys R Us stores around the world, with the US promotion usually running in October, hence the Bricktober moniker.




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