Amazing LEGO creation tops and slices pizza

Talented builders continue to share fun concepts, with this video showing a LEGO pizza making machine in action.

There are some special LEGO creations out there in the world that go beyond just looking good and actually automate a process that matters a lot to people. While a dog selfie booth might be impressive, a pizza making machine is giving it a run for its money.

The Brick Wall’s incredible invention, shared by Nerdist, tops a pizza base with sauce, adds cheese before finishing it with pepperoni and chilli. Once a human has transferred it the oven and waited for it to cook, the LEGO contraption will then slice the pizza.

While it might not be possible to use it to build a pizza factory, the new LEGO MINDSTORMS sets allows fans to code their own robots. Brick Fanatics is giving away three 51515 Robot Inventor sets, worth £329.99, in an exclusive competition.

For the engineering minded, there are some hints at the end as to how the machine actually works, revealing some of the processes that ensure each pizza is topped to perfection.

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