Amazon discounts LEGO Harry Potter sets by up to 24% – Black Friday deals

Amazon is offering some magical discounts on LEGO Harry Potter sets for Black Friday, including 24% off this year’s advent calendar.

75981 Harry Potter Advent Calendar is the headline Wizarding World deal for Black Friday at the moment. It’s currently just £19, down from £24.99. That’s not necessarily a huge saving, but with December almost upon us, it is a very timely one.

75948 Hogwarts Clock Tower was also briefly available at almost its lowest-ever price earlier today, at just £56.50. That’s a whopping 34% off its RRP of £84.99. However, it’s since sold out, proving that these deals really aren’t sticking around.

While they’re not marked specifically as Black Friday deals, Amazon has also discounted a bunch of other Harry Potter sets. Here’s the full list:

75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow is down to £52.95
75955 Hogwarts Express is down to £69.99
75957 Knight Bus is down to £29.99
75968 4 Privet Drive is down to £51.99
75979 Hedwig is down to £27.99
75981 Harry Potter Advent Calendar is down to £19

To stay up to date on all the LEGO Black Friday offers for 2020, head to these dedicated shopping pages:

Black Friday UK
Black Friday USA

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LEGO Harry Potter 75981 Advent Calendar Featured

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