Amazon rebel with LEGO Star Wars: Rogue One discount

The movie may not be released until December, but Amazon has reduced selected LEGO sets based on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story by around 33%. It’s a great opportunity to get the latest LEGO Star Wars products at a discount, either to add to the collection or to wrap up for Christmas. There’s even a few small LEGO Star Wars sets for around half price, but you’ll have to scroll down for those…

75155 Krennic’s Shuttle – the striking bat-like vehicle is the villain’s ship of choice.

Brick Fanatics verdict: 4.5 / 5

75155 U-wing Fighter – the Rebels use this as both a dropship and a gunship in battle.


75154 TIE Striker – the latest variation on the TIE class fighter.

Brick Fanatics verdict:

75132 First Order Battle Pack – bulk out the First Order forces with two Stormtroopers included.


75128 Microfighters TIE Advanced Prototype – Darth Vader’s ride has been hijacked by a TIE Pilot.


75126 First Order Snowspeeder – a cheaper way to get hold of a First Order Snowtrooper and sleeker Snowspeeder.


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