Amazon & Smyths 20% off LEGO

It started with Smyths Toy Superstore offering 20% off all weekend in store only and then Amazon UK have started tp orice match them, so if you have a local Symths store then get on down. I was at the Cortonwood on the other week and they had plenty of stock of everything on shelves.

If you can’t get to one then you can shop online at Amazon to grab a decent deal, just remember to double check some of the deals as Amazon have started copying Toys R Us and marking up LEGO sets, so while you will still be getting a great deal on some sets, it won’t be as much as they are making out.

To help visit Brick Badger anything with a red circle with exlamation mark means the RRP has been marked up.


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  1. Keith

    I was a bit gutted seeing that this was in the UK – however, thanks to the power of Amazon global delivery I have ordered 5 City sets which makes it cheaper to ship to CH than the UK – and that includes a import fee deposit!


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