An upcoming NINJAGO set was partially inspired by a LEGO NASA model

A LEGO designer has pulled back the curtain on an upcoming NINJAGO Seabound set, revealing some initial design sketches, Easter eggs and a function inspired by a NASA model.

Niek van Slagmaat has thanked builders for a positive response to the NINJAGO summer sets by detailing how 71756 Hydro Bounty was designed from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously the NINJAGO designer has also explained why the submarine seen in the show and the one as it appears in the model have a few differences. 

The Twitter thread begins with a picture of one of the last development models of the set, with many of the design elements seemingly the same as in the final product. 

Another tweet shows how the detaching mech at the front of the ship was supposed to look in early designs, with a mechanical face resembling Master Wu. Parts of this are retained in the set though, with a smaller Wu drone piloting the robotic suit. 

Those drones might also be a reference to TeeVee from Alpha Team and Hidden Side, with fans coining the characters ‘Tea-Vee’, due to Wu’s rapid consumption of the beverage. 

The LEGO designer also revealed some of the troubles that he faced when designing the set with the opening hangar doors leaving the team stumped. Thankfully, fellow designer Milan Madge was working on 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery at the time and assisted Niek with the function used for the cargo doors. Who’d have thought that these two models would have such an out-of-this-world connection?

71756 Hydro Bounty will be available as part of the upcoming Seabound wave of sets, which are likely due for this summer alongside two more NINJAGO Legacy builds. 

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