Animator goes from basement brickfilms to The LEGO Movie Sequel

An animator on The LEGO Movie Sequel has shared the inspiring story that has seen him go from making stop motion films in his basement to working at Animal Logic.

Cameron Hicks is based in Vancouver, Canada and recently told his story to CBC. As a high school student, he had been making stop motion movies in his basement and used LEGO bricks as a medium for a school project.

After winning awards at the Winnipeg Film Festival and taking 3D animation courses, he found himself working in Smurfs: the Lost Village, his first feature film project. Now he is one of the Animal Logic animators working on The LEGO Movie Sequel.

“It’s kind of full circle that years later I’m doing it professionally for Warner Brothers,” Hicks said, adding that he has to watch what he says so he doesn’t give away any of the movie’s plot or script. He expects to spend about a year working on the film.

As for what’s next, he’s hoping to stay in feature films.

“I’m really happy here right now,” he said. “It’s extremely rewarding … it’s a bit of a grind sometimes but now that I’m working in feature films, I’m going to try and sustain this.”

He also has encouragement for other budding filmmakers.

“With the technology you have available, anybody can learn to animate from anywhere.”

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie is due for release on September 22 in the USA and October 13 in the UK. The LEGO Movie Sequel is due for release in 2019.


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