Anthony Daniels talks the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special

Anthony Daniels says the LEGO Star Wars Holiday special has “negated [his] earlier memories” of the original show.

Disney+ recently held a virtual press conference with the C-3PO actor to celebrate the launch of the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. As part of the conference, Daniels gave some insight into the production of the Holiday Special and his role within it.

Chief among those questions was whether the newer Holiday Special has allowed him to forgive the original (and much-derided) 1978 special.

“I think people are going to have fun over the holiday season talking about it and explaining to kids, well, this is about this and this is about that, and then let’s go watch the movie,” he said. “So it’s an all-around winner and actually has negated my earlier memories.”

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special ss featured

When asked to compare his experience between acting as C-3PO and voicing LEGO C-3PO, Daniels responded, “In an animation you tend to only have your lines, so you always have to read what, or ask what, the line before was.

“So now in the studio, being in something like the LEGO special, I just have to imagine what somebody’s just said to me or what has happened. And it’s there in the stage directions on the script, so it’s the same.”

Daniels then went on to talk about his excitement to be involved in the Holiday Special, saying, “When I saw what they were going to do and that it was LEGO, I was just thrilled to be asked. I was delighted because I know anything with LEGO and anything with Star Wars LEGO, it’s going to be a blast.”

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special releases on Disney+ tomorrow, 42 years after the original Holiday Special aired. While you wait, why not watch the official trailer one more time?

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