Arachne Sisters Custom Minifigures

LEGO collectors and fans of Spider-Man minifigures will love these new Arachne Sisters Custom Minifigures. The sisters are Arachne Custom Minifigure, Superior Arachne Custom Minifigure, and the outcast Black Suit (Evil) Arachne Custom Minifigure.
They feature the hugely popular custom made female curved torso by Arealight which comes with a double sided pad printed spider design. Each Arachne has a double side LEGO head and LEGO hair piece to match the torso colours.
Priced at £12 each you can buy all 3 together and save £3 in a special offer.
These Arachne Sisters Custom Minifigures are available at while stocks last
Arachne Sisters Custom Minifigures


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