Architect behind LEGO car park reveals his inspiration

The recently erected LEGO car park features a LEGO road on the exterior – and the architect behind the project has discussed the work.

For around a year, the LEGO car park in Billund has been decorated with facsimiles of LEGO road baseplates. The fun concept was executed by Danish architecture studio CEBRA, who worked on the project after the car park was designed by architecture studio Ravn Arkitektu.

Dezeen interviewed Mikkel Frost, CEBRA’s founding partner, to find out more about the company’s work on the project. “We had a really good and open design process with the client, and we suggested nearly 40 different ideas to discuss,” he said. “All the ideas revolved around the LEGO bricks or products. The scope was to somehow reflect the company, their identity and their amazing inventions.”

LEGO Billund Car Park 1

The façade of the car park is covered in aluminium panels – that are upscaled from the original LEGO road baseplate. What is more, the tiny holes in the facades are the correct size for a LEGO stud – so bricks can be clipped into the aluminium sections.

“All of the buildings that make up LEGO Campus are somehow inspired by the Lego product – that’s visually evident,” says Frost. “But they also express the very identity of the LEGO Group. The buildings on the campus are all high quality, creative and playful.

“In my opinion, we didn’t design a fun facade, and that wasn’t our scope either. We aimed for playfulness while celebrating imagination.”

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