Attractive LEGO coffee table uses only 2×4 bricks – and no glue

A table build from 10,000 LEGO bricks does not use screws, glue or a metal frame.

Yusong Zhang, an art director in Los Angeles, California, has built his own coffee table using LEGO bricks. Dezeen features the table, that measures 61cm by 122cm and uses 10,000 elements. It is layered in different colours, with white on the outside, then red, yellow and green moving down to the centre.

“I never did a test on the weight it would hold, but I’ve using it as my own coffee table for a while,” Zhang told Dezeen. “It’s absolutely no problem if you want to put two feet up or a stack of magazines. It’s very sturdy.”
The table does not use glue, screws or a metal frame, it is the connections that ensure it is sturdy.

“I always had love for LEGO as a toy, but wanted to challenge myself to build something truly functional without sacrificing the aesthetic and creativity that’s rooted in LEGO designs,” he said.

It took three weeks to build the table, and will be remaining as a piece of furniture in Zhang’s home, but he is open to building additional tables should anyone contact him with a custom order.


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