Award #10 – Ideas project of the year

We move on to an excellent category now. Our judges were tasked at picking their favourite project of the year from the LEGO Ideas selection. This could be one that made it to production, review or is still collecting supporters as you read this. The panel have all picked some pretty decent ones this year. Which project stood out for you this year and why?

Adam –  Doctor Who and Companions Project

Not only has it brought Doctor Who into the world of LEGO it’s also given us some excellent Doctor Who content for LEGO Dimensions.

Luc – Boba Fett by HerboRyanSeth_6561

I defy you not to want this immediately. I know it probably wouldn’t pass review, they seem to have a thing with projects based on existing licenses and the brick count is probably too high but it seriously deserves a shot.

Séb –  Pinocchio Marionette by JiminyC/buggyirk

An incredible rendition of the marionette from the Disney classic. Not only does it look like Pinocchio but it’s a fully working puppet too! Currently it only has 638 votes, but this definitely deserves a chance to be made into an official Ideas set. A lot to choose from, but my winner for 2015.

Richard – Doctor Who and Companions Project

We have been spoilt this year with some excellent Ideas sets to buy as weell as stunning ones that don’t make it pass the review stage. Then on top of that we also have those that have yet to get to 10,000 supporters. Thanks to Ideas we have some awesome minifigures in Dimensions. So, when it came to picking my favourite Ideas sets, I narrowed it down to those that made it to production. Wall-E has its well-known faults and Big Bang Theory, while good, I felt was overpriced. Birds is an excellent build but I think has limited appeal which left Doctor Who. I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and the only thing LEGO could trump this with is by doing Star Trek. So, when the project got the green light it was awesome and the set itself does not disappoint. Add to that the bonus Dimensions level pack and boy, for fans like me, it’s just awesome.

This year’s Ideas project of the year – Doctor Who and Companions Project




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One thought on “Award #10 – Ideas project of the year

  • 10/12/2015 at 18:23

    I’m still sort of in shock LEGO Doctor Who is a thing! Definitely the winner for me 😀


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