Award #13 – Video game of the year

A hot category this year with some really good games for LEGO fans, we have minifigures online, we’ve had Jurassic World, we were supposed to get Avengers but we are still awaiting that but instead we got the game changing Dimensions. This was a big curve ball no one so coming and it has no video game fans like myself buying it. I even bought my first games console in over 10 years just so I could own it. I brought Chris in as guest judge and I think he explains it perfectly.

Adam –  Dimensions

 Yes it may be expensive to get the very best out of it, but the varied gameplay, epic licences and future content makes this one impressive LEGO Videogame

Chris – Dimensions

Game of the year to me was a no-brainer. LEGO Dimensions was something that got me excited from the moment it was announced, but it was the selection of new and exclusive minifigures and minibuilds that convinced me to purchase. All the LEGO games by Tt Games have been fantastic and I love the effortless gameplay and fantastic sense of humour they have. LEGO Dimensions is no exception, so as a game, it’s brilliant. The addition of the toys-to-life aspect really made this one more interesting and worthy of consideration. However, what really sets this one apart from everything else is the minifigure packs that you can buy for the game. The first three waves already contain some brand new and exclusive figures, some of which are desirable to people who don’t even have the game or plan to purchase it, such as the Portal pack or the upcoming Stay Puft Marshmallow Man minifigure. It’s easy to focus on the add-ons and forget that all this is just the cherry on top of an already tasty-as-hell cake; the game is fantastic!

Séb –  Jurassic World

A controversial decision maybe, but I decided not to go with Dimensions on this. I have both Dimensions and Jurassic World but the reason is simple. I can complete Jurassic World having purchased the game once. Yes, it’s a classic tried and tested formula, familiar to LEGO fans, but set in a new iconic film-based world I love. With dinosaurs. Did I mention the dinosaurs? You can actually play as dinosaurs! Dimensions IS awesome, but currently I can’t afford every add-on to be able to unlock puzzles and worlds and that is just frustrating more than anything.

Richard – Dimensions

I don’t play video games, I used to I was a massive player back on the SNES, N64 and PSOne but family, getting older means I have better things to do in my spare time. I’ve played a few LEGO games and they are alright but not enough to make me by a console. Then came Dimensions, as I said above it made me buy a console. It ticked boxes I didn’t know needed ticking, it gives you ability to play so many amazing franchises. It is the complete package and throw into that amazing limited edition minifigures and you have a A* rated game. Roll on Xmas day when I finally get my grubby paws on my copy!

This year’s video game of the year – Dimensions





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  • 13/12/2015 at 14:37

    Dimensions looks great but the costs are way to high for me to justify another obsession! Shame its not on PC to


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