Award #16 – Original theme of the year

Only 9 days to go and we are beginning to approach the end of our 2015 awards. It’s definitely been one that has provided some of the most shocking results in recent memory. Today the panel of judges were asked to pick their favourite original theme of the year. This is a theme created by the in-house design team at LEGO HQ and not based on a 3rd party IP. Last year it was Mixels, but can they do it again?

Adam – Mixels

Hated by many but the theme continues to provide amazing little builds for an equally amazing price point. Plus they introduce many useful new parts.

Luc – Elves

I remember all the Lord of the Rings fan getting excited about this, then a combination of feeling betrayed, angry and disappointed when they found out it was minidolls… That was funny, but also poignant because it’s actually an awesome theme. I don’t care what some people say, minidolls are fine and a perfect fit here. The sets were great and Naida’s brick-built boat was like salt into the wound of all those that said it was full of specialised girly pink tat… They weren’t really paying attention were they?

Séb – Creator

Creator will always win it for me. An original theme that includes the highly sought after modular buildings, the new fairground theme (with the Ferris Wheel this year), and then a fantastic array of other sets throughout the year like the 3-in-1 animal builds. Back to basics with interesting building techniques and not relying on minifigures to sell the sets. A clear winner in my opinion.

Richard – Mixels

So, with a smaller judging panel than last year, every vote counts and I’ve have been left with the deciding vote once again. Personally I was going to vote for Ninjago, which is still keeping boys interested long after it was due to retire. The sets this year were great and even the exclusive won me over. Today we have a three-way tie and I have to go with my favourite one…which is Mixels! I just love this theme and have every character up to and including series 6 but next year looks even better!

This year’s original theme of the year – Mixels




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One thought on “Award #16 – Original theme of the year

  • 16/12/2015 at 12:05


    I agree with you all are saying. Ninjago has been great this year, the ghosts adventures provided a new breath in the range and in the cartoon.

    But Mixels are a real great idea by Lego, they are fun to see, fun to build, be used by kids as Mixels, or by AFOLs for the pieces.

    Even when i’m building them for my kids it’s enjoyable, I love their funny faces.

    They can even be monsters created by baddie sin super heroes sets !

    Lego did and continue to do a great job with this line.


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