Award #18 – website of the year

Xmas a week today and it means just 7 more awards to come, this is another new one and I asked the panel to pick their website of the year. This must be a website connected to LEGO be it LEGO owned or a fan owned website. I brought Chris in as both Keith and Luc abstained from picking one. Hopefully it will be an award that stays around. Which site besides this one is your website of the year.

Adam – Promo Bricks

-A fairly new site but one that not only looks good but also manages to report interesting bits of news from Germany and beyond.

Chris – Brickset

I use LEGO-related websites on a daily basis and I’ve thought long and hard about what I use them for. Obviously, I’d vote for Brick Fanatics if I could, but since this site is off the table, here’s how I’ll weigh my choice; I’ll decide based on the things that interest me: News, MOCs parts and sets. Based on that criteria, my pick will be between Bricklink and Brickset. Both sites feature excellent databases of old sets, but in my opinion, Bricklink has the better information on parts and is also a site where I can order said parts from, for my MOCs. Brickset on the other hand has news, an exceptional forum user-base and a parts and sets database. That makes it three to two in Brickset’s favour. Both sites are terrific, but Brickset offers a more rounded package.

Séb – Bricklink

It has had a massive overhaul and is just getting better and better. It might eat away most of my money, but the ability to purchase any piece you can think of, whether to replace lost parts, or to create a new MOC, is such an invaluable resource. Whatever your LEGO needs, Bricklink has you covered.

Richard – Bricklink

For me it is the site I personally use, while I look at other sites for news coverage for stuff I may have missed, Bricklink is the only site I use on a regular basis for my own LEGO needs. The updates are most welcomed and things continue to improve. Without that site I dare to say I would have probably packed in LEGO a long time back. It has allowed me to build my own stuff, source the parts I need for my Bricklink projects and I would be at a loss without it.

This year’s website of the year – Bricklink



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