Award #19 – Customiser of the year

6 days and counting….. today is another new award, while we added the custom minifigure of the year. I thought it was only prudent to add customiser of the year. For sites that do more then just minifigures. Custom printed elements are a massive market. In the UK alone we have United Bricks, Firestar Toys/, and more. That’s before you even start on the US and beyond. So with a list of sites our panel picked the following as their favourite customiser of the year.

Adam – &

They are both as equally awesome as each other, producing incredible custom creations and providing amazing service too.

Chris –

After voting in the earlier award of Custom minifigure of the year, my eyes were opened and I realised that there is a much larger world of custom minifigures than I originally knew about. As such, I’ve had a very good look around at what is out there and have made my choice based on the following criteria: minifigure selection, design, printing and packaging.

Based on these criteria, my choice is Whilst other companies may have a larger selection, the ones that have come out of have been truly exceptional. The choice of character has been great, the design and printing is first-rate and the packaging looks very professional (so much so that in some ways it is a shame to remove the figure from the pack). was a tempting choice, but they look like they only sell other people’s work, not create their own

Séb –

The nicest bunch of people you could ever meet. Add to that their extensive collection of custom minifigs and printed accessories alongside a great marketing campaign and you’ve got a very successful business that deserves to win.

Richard –

I went for Danny and the team as they do minifigures under the brand and printed elements under Firestar Toys. I’ve had the pleasure of having the Blocks exclusive minifigures, their own custom range minifigures and my own minifigure from these. The presentation, printing and customer service is second to none. I’ve also bought a lot of their printed elements for my Cafe Corner modification including a one of a kind custom coffee menu and it was awesome. Danny and the rest of the team are one of the market leaders and in my eyes have helped take custom LEGO minifigures and parts to the next level!

This year’s Customiser of the year –





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