Award #2 – £20 or under set of the year

We carry on our annual awards with the second award. Today we look at the sets priced at £20 or under, as always it is a very diverse category and it split the panel. We had Keith also join the panel for this award which made the pick a very interesting decision. It will be interesting to see what other fans think of our winner and if you agree or not. Did you think we forgot about a set then tell us below.

Adam – Double-Decker Couch

Excellent price point considering the line-up of minifigures included and Emmet’s little Smart Car is cool too.

Keith – Snowplough Truck

This is a superb City set with bundles of play value. The truck has a very realistic character akin to the Mercedes Unimog with masses of customisation possible. The use of gearing at the rear of the truck gives a lovely movement as a grit spreader. Detail is wonderful.

One of the best City sets for ages – lovely stuff.

Luc – AT-AT

With everything non-polybag up to £20 in this category, it’s a huge selection and there’s a lot in there to like but only one that sparked its own little photography craze on Flickr. When fans react to a set like that, it becomes more than what it was created to be, and that’s why I’ve picked it.

Séb – Double Decker Couch

The £20 and under category is clearly going for the pocket money target audience, so it comes down to packing the most amount of playability and pieces with a fairly tight limit on what the designer can include. For that reason the Double-Decker Couch wins hands down. The LEGO Movie was awesome – everybody knows that. In this set you can get the infamous Double-Decker couch previously only available in Metalbeard’s Sea Cow ship, along with Emmet’s Smart car and then 5 key minifigures from the film, including exclusive ghost Vitruvius, Benny and a new Uni-Kitty. If that wasn’t good enough, it comes in at £14.99 which is an absolute steal for a licensed set.

Richard – Double Decker Couch

As I’ve mentioned on more then one occasion. I’m not a fan usually of small sets. I would rather spend £20 on parts for a bigger set or MOC project. However there are a few exceptions. I’m a big fan of both Mixels and the Star Wars Microfigthers. Both themes excel in this section but there was one set that I grabbed as soon as I could and it was the Double Decker Couch.  It is an iconic piece from the movie and comes with 5 very important minifigures. Unless you owned the SeaCow this is the only chance to buy it. For £15 it has to be the bargain set of the year and is why it is a must for all LEGO Movie fans.

This year’s £20 or under set of the year – Double Decker Couch




  1. TheHappyJawa

    I immediately thought of this set. A minifigure line up like this for £15 is a steal! Not to mention the now iconic double decker couch with all it’s lovely dark azur tiles and that printed radio piece in Emmet’s car.

  2. Ferg

    No love for the Ant Man Final Battle? Great mini-figures, a giant ant and sized up Lego! Or does this qualify for a different category?

  3. minifignick

    One of my favourite sets Love all the figs I paid £18 for a Benny on Bricklink just after the Sea Cow was released and less than that for all this

  4. Chris Adams

    I can’t agree strongly with this winner. Amazing minifig selection and nice set of parts. Total win for me. Plus that Unikitty is fantastic!

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