Award #20 – LEGO Seller of the year

So we have another new award today. I asked all the panel to pick the best company/site, person etc for their seller of the year. I want to know who they thought gave the best deals etc. All 4 of my fellow judges picked a different seller and I picked the winner from their selection. So the question is who would you pick?

Adam – Toys R Us

 They are bringing more and more unique sets, events and deals to the UK – hopefully this will continue into 2016.

Keith – Migros Switzerland

 Not only are they selling the Technic AROCS at CHF179 (CHF50 off retail), they also ran a promo to take a further 30% off that price in October – which meant you could have picked this up for CHF125 (£80) – that has got to be one of the best deals of the year. Who says Switzerland is expensive ?!

Luc – The Germans

With Amazon’s ridiculous automated price adjustments and inflated rrps to make their discounts look bigger, and Argos not being able to count to 9, I don’t think any of the retailers deserve it, but of all the Bricklink orders I’ve placed this year, no other nation has been 100% right 100% of the time: Dankeschön.

Séb – Amazon

I do most of my LEGO shopping online, and if I don’t look at Amazon every day for their great LEGO deals then it means I’ve run out of money.

Richard – Toys R Us

I don’t buy a lot of LEGO and when I do, 90% of it is on Bricklink with the other 10% being exclusives from LEGO. I don’t buy retail sets (Mixels excluded) but I do keep an eye out on who does what and for me when TRS did the Bricktober sets and other deals they actually convinced me to buy LEGO from them for the first time ever. That’s a win in my book!

This year’s LEGO seller of the year – Toys R Us




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