Award #22 – Biggest disappointment of the year

So we round off our awards with our very own Raspberries. While usually everything LEGO has a hand in of late is another golden egg, we sometimes get some rotten stuff. So to kick things off I asked the panel what their biggest disappointment for 2015 was and why?

Adam – Endless Leaks

Many of the leaks have either come from retailers or LEGO themselves. They are great for us as we see sets but instead of just releasing official information the insistence of LEGO trying to deny all knowledge is laughable.

Luc – The LEGO Movie

Remember that? A movie jam-packed with awesome stuff that they could release as sets… except they didn’t. All we got in 2015 were some minifigure packs and then they moved on. No pig-drawn escape carriage, no flying train, no coffee shop, no Wyldestyle’s converted bike flyer, no Batmobile… or Batwing, no super secret police helicopter, no Emmet’s apartment, no think tank, no Bad Cop’s pram and no giant frog… I assure you, it’s in there.

Séb – No new Winter Village set

My favourite part of the LEGO calendar is the lead up to Christmas when the new Winter Village set is released. Definitely my favourite theme, and the set I look forward to the most all year round. When I heard rumours that a Toy Shop would be released, I wondered how it would fit alongside the previous Toy Shop. Little did we realise it would be EXACTLY the same model with a couple of new pieces. Poor, poor show LEGO and so disappointing. You’ve got one of the best and most warming, nostalgic and lovely themes ever. Please don’t stop now. There’s so much more to go before the Winter Village looks full. A train station would be perfect next year please…

Richard – No new Winter Village set

Some great picks by the panel, the LEGO gagging order with SW was down right laughable (but expected) and I can see Luc’s view point that LEGO could/should have released more with regards to the Movie. I definitely wanted that damn sub! But for me what really pi$$ed me off this year was the cop-out decision to re-release an existing LEGO Winter Village set. I don’t care about collectors value and all that BS. It has become a family tradition to expand the Winter Village scene each year with a new set and I know this is done by 1000’s of fans around the world and LEGO basically decided – sod it, let’s not design a new set like a new winter train. Instead we will just milk the cash cow without any thinking and re-release a set. While I might be going a little fan boy on this one, to me LEGO sat down and said how can we upset as many of the adult community as possible? I know we will re-release instead of a new Winter Village set. This was a big own goal LEGO.

This years Biggest disappointment – No new Winter Village set



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3 thoughts on “Award #22 – Biggest disappointment of the year

  • TheHappyJawa
    22/12/2015 at 14:49

    While I don’t think re-releasing sets is a bad thing (*cough modulars *cough), re-releasing in place of a new set certainly is. Especially for a theme that only gets one set a year and is already built into many a fans holiday traditions!

  • Avatar
    22/12/2015 at 16:16

    Yea a re-release along side a new one would of been perfect. I needed the toy shop but agree would of been frustrated if I had already had it!

  • Avatar
    24/12/2015 at 02:34

    I understand the disappointment but I missed out on this set first time around along with 1000’s of other AFOL’s. What if they re-issued the Taj Mahal or Carousel? A re-release is only annoying for speculators who have realised that their earlier version is no longer worth £120. There’s a flip side to every argument and whilst many will be disappointed many others (like me) will actually be quite pleased.

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