Award #23 – Worst set of the year

We continue the final few days of the Christmas build-up with our own Raspberry awards. Today we all pick our worse set of the year and explain our reason for our choice. Usually LEGO does a sterling job but sometimes not all sets are that good and yet some fools still buy them!

Adam – Ideas Big Bang Theory

Overpriced for what you get and really goes against the values of the LEGO brand.

Keith –  McLaren P1

I know it is difficult to create a model as best as possible with a 6-stud wide base, but this was truly shocking. It looks like the kind of car I used to build when I was 6. It does not even look like a P1 and has a clumsy feel about it. In contrast, the Ferrari 458 GT2 Italia does a far better job. Poor choice of model to recreate.

Luc – Bionicle Hero Pack

That Bionicle spider mask polybag one. I don’t even know what the hell this is supposed to be. And why did it have stickers and map in it instead of LEGO? And now I have to find somewhere to keep a luminous mask that I obviously didn’t make a space for in my filing system… Thanks LEGO.

Séb –  The Hydra Fortress Smash

Overpriced for what it is. I need this set for the Quicksilver minifigure, but other than that, it’s far too expensive. Seriously? £50! For this? I’ve already got Hulk in the Hulk Buster smash set, why do I need a second one?

Richard –  The Hydra Fortress Smash

So I’ve got the casting vote. I like the Big Bang Theory on the whole and while it was expensive for what it was, it wasn’t the worse set. The Bionicle polybag was just a mask and as a freebie it didn’t matter if you didn’t need/want it – nothing gained nothing ventured. That leaves me with the Speed Champion set and the Super Heroes one. Do I think these two were the worse sets of the year? Honestly no. I’m growing less and less fond of retail sets though. The Pirates theme left a lot to be desired and it was more of the same from City. In my opinion I think all themes had a poor year compared to 2014. Ultimately though, my pet hate are the constant weak Super Hero sets that are overpriced for what is essentially a minifigure with some bricks chucked in. For that reason I have to pick the Hydra Fortress Smash too.

This year’s Worst set of the year –  The Hydra Fortress Smash.




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